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new Amazon's Kindle Fire 7 inch Tablet

The New Kindle Fire, May Just Blow The Rest of The iPad Competition Away

new Amazon's Kindle Fire 7 inch Tablet

Last night I was reading about the new Amazon Kindle Fire so I thought I’d chime into the fuzz in my own words. The 7 inch tablet which is mostly focused obviously on leveraging on the already wide range of eBook and other media offered by Amazon actually sparked my interest especially after having wasted about $200 on a low end tablet i bought a while ago before I finally decided to invest on an iPad that I haven’t stopped using ever since. The cool thing about the Kindle Fire besides its attractive low price tag is that the thing will actually be able to run Flash! Talk about adding a few glitter that the other devices lack.

Although not as powerful as the iPad of course the affordability and added features such as being able to watch videos, listen to music, browse the web will be more than enough extras for those that are more into the reading part which is its main point. Now add the ability to download apps  on the modified Android Operating System from the Android Marketplace and you have a very good reading tablet with extra benefits at a great price for those not being able to afford or are willing to spend $500 on an iPad.

Now lets just hope that the touch screen is capacitive as the iPad rather than resistive otherwise roblox download you will experience frustration when trying to type into the thing and really slow you down. At the time of this writing I was unable to tell which touchscreen technology Kindle Fire will be using.

Did I mention you will be able to play some games on it? My guess is that although not geared as a gaming tablet platform, you will still be able to take some birds and shoot pigs in your Angry Birds game on the go. So anyways, I heard the release of this interesting little tablet will be around the first half of November of 2011. I may be getting myself one just because by carrying a Kindle Fire I will be less worried about dropping the darn thing and breaking it losing my hard earned cash I spent on it as opposed to freaking out if I drop and damage my precious iPad… Hey at about $200 I will be more likely to buy another one and still fall under the price tag of an iPad.